Critic’s Pick! “Bezmozgis delves deeper than pubescent angst, exploring the immigrant experience through family dynamics, dinner-table debates about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and old-country dreams.”
– Village Voice Review

“Twisted and uncomfortable  coming-of-age film… stark… unsettling.”
 New York Times Review

“Doing cinematic justice to the immigrant experience and capturing the state of existence where one’s body and mind are split spiritually and geographically.”
– Roger Ebert Review

“Rich central performances, an authentic eye for its second-generation immigrant milieu and a novelist’s comfort with  ambiguity allow Natasha to modestly transcend its overpopulated  genre.”
– Variety Review

“A provocative coming-of-age drama.”
Hollywood Reporter

“(A) stand out in its focus on the vicissitudes of youth and the cultural generation gap that teenagers must negotiate as they mature.”
– New York Jewish Film Festival Review

100% on Rotten Tomatoes


Natasha takes place over the course of one summer. It is the story of Mark Berman, 16, the son of Russian- Jewish immigrants living in the suburbs north of Toronto. When his uncle enters into an arranged marriage with woman from Moscow, the woman arrives in Canada with her fourteen year-old daughter, Natasha. Mark, a slacker, is conscripted by his parents to take responsibility for the strange girl. He learns that, in Moscow, she’d led a troubled and promiscuous life. A secret and forbidden romance begins between the two of them that has bizarre and tragic consequences for everyone involved.

Written and Directed by: David Bezmozgis

Starring: Sasha K. Gordon, Alex Ozerov, Deanna Dezmari, Genadijs Dolganovs, Igor Ovadis, Aidan Shipley, Aya-Tatyana Stolnits, Pavel Tsitrinel

Produced by: Bill Marks, Deborah Marks

Distributed by: Mongrel Media (Canada)

Runtime: 96 minutes

Year: 2017


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